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The Montessori approach is designed to help children develop a strong, secure inner self as they grow from childhood to maturity. Montessori classrooms provide a prepared environment that encourages children's inherent love of learning by giving them opportunities to engage in spontaneous, meaningful activities under the guidance of a trained teacher. Children progress at their own pace during these critical years of development. The classroom’s three-year age mix fosters individual and social development. More experienced children share what they have learned with newer students. Each child’s unique personality is encouraged; each child is a respected, important member of the community. Life in the Montessori classroom promotes an intellectual and social discipline that lays the foundation for a happy, productive life. The children learn to appreciate the world, become responsible human beings, and actively participate in a harmonious society. The curriculum is rich and includes practical life skills, language, math, geography, science, nature, art, music, and Arabic.

Outstanding Curriculum:
Our program blends Montessori philosophy with traditional academic rigor. Montessori principles such as individualized instruction, hands-on learning, child-friendly prepared learning environment, trained staff, and mixed-age groupings are core to our educational design. Our scope and sequence is based on the Tennessee Department of Education Curriculum Standards. We ensure that core competencies are taught and learned, and use Scott Foresman educational books for academic subjects. We use a nationally recognized assessment syst3em to ensure that each child meets national and state child development standards. Our use of well-recognized best practices and benchmarks in our program will ensure that your child learns in a child-friendly and developmentally appropriate manner. The low teacher-to-student ration allows our teachers to carefully monitor students’ work and progress. Furthermore, your child’s moral and religious values will be strengthened. Ideals such as honesty, integrity, respect, teamwork, and manners will be instilled. Religious beliefs and practices including Islamic studies, Quranic recitation, and Arabic language are also taught. So please take the initiative, invest in use, invest in your child’s future!